To cater to ultra-wealthy travelers who demand even more than first class, Qatar Airways is offering the Gulfstream G700 for charter. Featuring a whisper-quiet cabin, four living areas, a plush bed, and the cleanest air, it will leave travelers fresh as a daisy even after crossing oceans.

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To further improve the impeccable, Qatar Airways has upped the ante of luxury travel by adding two G700 private jets to its fleet. The only international operator of the G700 on a private charter basis, it was also the first Gulfstream customer to receive delivery of the aircraft. The two new modern additions to the Qatar Executive fleet have turned the airline into the first carrier to employ the Gulfstream G700 for charter customers. The airline already boasts an existing fleet of 15 Gulfstream G650ER aircraft and expects an additional eight G700s in the near future. With plans to enter full commercial service in June, Qatar Airways is breaking ground 30,000 feet in the sky with the ultimate collection of aircraft in terms of both luxury and performance.

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What will set the G700 apart from other planes is a superior flying experience witnessed in a spacious passenger cabin, with not one or two but four different living areas, and a bespoke stateroom outfitted with a comfortable bed. The tastefully designed cabins are a testament to the standards of Qatar Executive’s unmatched opulence that pleases their most discerning customers. The presence of an innovative lighting system, combined with the soothing natural light through 20 windows, maintains a calming milieu.

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Image – Qatar Airways

The most fascinating feature found in the super-quiet cabins of the private jet is 100 percent fresh air, which is replenished every two to three minutes owing to an ionizing system ensuring the highest air quality possible. When it comes to business jets, nothing beats the G700 air quality so much that passengers arrive more refreshed than with any other aircraft type.

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Image – Qatar Airways

President of Gulfstream, Mr. Mark Burns, said: “Qatar Executive has been a valued Gulfstream customer for nearly 10 years. We are honored to have them as our international partner for the launch and first deliveries of the all-new G700. We look forward to growing their fleet in the months ahead.” The new G700 fleet will enter full commercial service in June, and QE is welcoming expressions of interest from clients.

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