Qatar introduces its second All-Premium Class Airbus A319 outfitted with Italian Frette Linen, convertible flat-bed seats and bespoke schedules

As luxury air travel soars to new heights (forgive our puns!) Qatar Airways has revealed plans to add an all-Premium Class Airbus A319 to its corporate jet fleet – called Qatar Executive. According to the company the new addition is part of their efforts to meet the rising demand for charter luxury group and incentive travel. The Premium One A319 (which will be identical to the Business One) will be available for charter from February 17th onwards through Qatar Executive.

With flexibility and passenger satisfaction in mind, Qatar’s Airbus A319 can be booked to destinations around the globe with completely customized schedules. Passengers thus have the option to reach remote or even multiple locations in the shortest time possible while travelling in ultimate comfort. And what does this “ultimate comfort” entail? The list begins with seats that recline to convert into 79-inch long fully-flat beds equipped with Italian Frette linen and duvets and stretches to include award-winning service and high quality cuisine. Needless to say passengers will be treated to state of the art entertainment systems as well as access to executive airport facilities and concierge services in both Doha and abroad.

qatar-airways-airbus-a319-2The highly customizable services of the Premier One will make it a draw for groups like wedding parties and tour groups who can have their travel experience tailored to their specific preferences; but the service also expects to entice corporations, business delegations, musicians or sports teams who can travel in the lap of luxury with utmost attention to privacy.

qatar-airways-airbus-a319-3Qatar’s A380 featured First Class cabins that included amenities from Armani and Dior, we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of swag awaits those travelling by the Premium One.

[Via – Deluxeblog]

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