Not a powerful king but a Russian businessman has built this fairytale castle in the middle of a lake – The gorgeous castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions and a favorite for Instagrammers.

When we talk about dream homes in current times, it usually means a spectacular penthouse in a high-rise or a sprawling cabin in the countryside, perhaps a villa or a beachfront estate. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that almost no one says castle- unless they are tiny tots who believe in fairytales and their fancy high-walled abodes. Legendary Russian businessman Tembulat Erkenov not only thought out of the box but successfully pulled off his vision of a massive castle right in the center of an artificial lake. Complete with fishes, birds, and beautiful flora, the Chateau Erken, located in the Russian Federation’s Kabardino-Balkaria autonomous republic, breaks every modern-age barrier of form, size, and scale and looks like an exceedingly well-preserved medieval castle.

The thing is, it is not a medieval castle at all; it is only a decade-old castle and is mind-numbingly enchanting. Chateau Erken’s vineyard-dominated countryside adds to its grandeur, and the tower is heavily-inspired by European courts Erkenov visited during his many travels through Europe. Unlike century-old royal castles, the five-story Chateau Erken took only two years to complete in 2010. The good thing is, the family is sharing this architectural marvel with the world, and it’s turning out to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

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If you ever end up in Russia, you might want to head to the charming Chateau Erken, located near the village of Chernaya Rechka. The main operations of Chateau Erken are situated inside this magnificent castle, and tourists can pay for a tour to explore the gorgeous palace. With the passing of Tembulat Erkenov (who started off as a communist collective, and eventually rose through the ranks becoming Deputy Chairman of the Government of Kabardino-Balkaria) in 2017, the affairs of Chateau Erken are taken care of by his son and successor.

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For fans of fairytales and castles, the tiny island on Wanfeng Lake in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province houses the Jilong Castle Country Club Resort that will put European palaces to shame. This four-star hotel in China gives out a room for a mere $40.

Chateau Erken has become a popular spot for Instagrammers. Via Instagram / @lingligirl
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