Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) is building an 11-kilometer artificial canal that will illuminate the shores of the Red Sea and accommodate 130,000 residents

A bright star is set to illuminate the pristine Red Sea, and it’s called Marafy. This glistening 11km-long, 100m-wide urban water corridor will change the face of North Jeddah with a waterway that will become the epitome of urban living. From canalside promenades to multiple residential and commercial districts, over a hundred thousand residents will live in this man-made Utopia. The multi-million dollar project will be undertaken by ROSHN Group, Saudi Arabia’smost trusted multi-asset class real estate developer, and PIF.

ROSHN villas.

The navigable canal is the first of its kind in the oil-rich nation, accommodating over 130,000 residents and a multitude of avenues to enjoy the development. David Grover, the Group CEO of ROSHN Group, highlighted the importance of Marafy in achieving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals, “MARAFY will be a game-changer on the real estate development sector, raising the bar of development in the region, boosting the quality of life, and creating a huge impact in Jeddah,” Grover said, adding that this will be one of the “iconic projects that will put Jeddah on the map of the world-class destination on all aspects.”

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ROSHN CEO, David Grover

Akin to big cities like Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg, and central London, this canal will provide a waterfront area that will boost the quality of life and create a mind-blowing oasis of real estate and development. Marafy will comprise multiple distinct districts connected via the urban water corridor without removing the city’s cultural and architectural heritage. The facades will be inspired by the historical designs of the Jeddah region, married to a modern design language.

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The canal of Marafy will also feature Roshn’s existing integrated residential development, Alarous. Incorporating an intermodal transport system, including water taxis, bus lines, a dedicated Metro Red Line station, and a direct canal link to the King Abdulaziz will strengthen Jeddah’s position as a regional hub.

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