Video reveals Saudi crown prince MBS’s ambitious Coral Bloom resort taking shape. The dolphin-shaped Shurayrah Island appears to be the epitome of not only luxury and design but sustainability as well.

The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia, which has been six years in the making, released a new video showcasing the updates on its popular destinations. Part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the ambitious and first-of-its-kind development will include three hotels and an international airport. The destination showing incredible promise and progress is Shura Island, aka the Coral Bloom concept, designed by Foster and Partners. The main dolphin-shaped hub island is one of 92 in the pristine archipelago and is due to open to guests in 2024.

The video shows Shura shaping up full steam ahead and advancing at an incredible pace to house 11 world-class hotels and resorts, including Edition, Fairmont, Raffles, SLS, InterContinental, Jumeirah, Miraval, Rosewood, and Grand Hyatt. ‘The Shura Island is one of the most iconic projects around the world,’ shares Mohammed Khayat, Associate Project Director at Red Sea Global. ‘We are live on 15 of the 17 assets, and we’re due to complete in quarter four of 2024,’ mentioned Murray Vetch, Executive Projects Director at Red Sea Global.

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Via Youtube / @Red Sea Global

The Red Sea Project will give water babies worldwide stunning new beaches to revel in and a new lagoon. Sustainability is paramount in design, procedures, and the following action to maintain the unique flora, fauna, and natural beauty. With the first phase complete, Shura Island is gearing up for guests sooner than later.

The upcoming Sheybarah island.Via Youtube / @Red Sea Global

‘We’ve constantly got stuff on the go, and new context is being awarded every week. It’s just a really exciting development to be part of,’ mentions Murray Vetch. He added, ‘The Red Sea teams are pioneers in driving this sustainability approach. Everybody just accepts it as a way of life and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve. It’s an ongoing process of educating ourselves and the entire team.”

Via Youtube / @Red Sea Global

“We’ve got a big sustainability drive across the development that’s led us to look at different construction techniques. We are incorporating off-site manufacturing wherever we can. For example, we are using recast panels to help us reduce the number of laborers on the site and to help us control the quality of the project, and to reduce waste,’ said Mohammed Khayat.

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Dolphin-shaped Shurayrah Island is a unique eco-friendly luxury destination.
Dubbed the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, the striking vision of Shurayrah blends in with the island’s beauty and milieu. The massive Shurayrah Island will be home to “Coral Bloom,” offering visitors nine spectacular experiences like Dunes, The Trail, The Coves, Coral Pavilion, Reef Villas, Nature Reserve, The Club, Golf Course, and Luxury Village.

Red Sea will have its very own international airport.

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, said, “Our vision for Shurayrah is inspired by the island’s natural state, with the hotels designed to give the impression that they have washed up on the beaches and nestled among the dunes almost like driftwood. The materials we use are low impact and ensure that the pristine environment is protected, while the additions we make to the island serve to enhance what is already there – hence the name Coral Bloom.”

The entire destination will be powered by the largest battery storage system in the world, keeping up with sustainability efforts.

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