No time to relax and stare – Singapore Airlines has launched the shortest A380 flight in the world (Flying time of just 35 mins)

Change is the name of the name ever since the pandemic hit us almost two years back. While many are still reeling in its consequences, some have moved on and readjusted to every shift and mastered every hurdle the pandemic fired. What else would the world’s shortest A380 flight even exist? Singapore Airlines‘ less than sixty-minute superjumbo journey to Kuala Lumpur and back is a testament to the game of change! Most aircraft of that size is meant for long-haul destinations that take anywhere from eight to fifteen hours and more. Executive Traveller shares, come November 4, Singapore Airlines will roster its flagship Airbus A380s on the short sprint between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore Airlines business class

The move makes a lot of sense when you learn that SIA’s A380s having been out of service for almost 20 months. If not for a great business, these brief tours will help give the beasts some much-needed movement and help solve teething issues that may crop up. Only time will tell how the crew will manage to accommodate their applauded services in this short period. But we do know the actual airborne time on Singapore – Kuala Lumpur flights are ordinarily just 35 minutes, leaving barely any time for the drinks service in Economy Class and a sandwich to be served in Business Class.

Suites onboard the Singapore Airlines A380.

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson told Executive Traveller, “We have ensured that a number of our pilots and cabin crew are certified to operate the A380 aircraft. Recertification is not required as we resume our A380 operations on our services between Singapore and London. In addition, a group of our cabin crew has maintained their qualifications to operate the A380.”

[Via: Executive Traveller]

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