Airbus ACJ318 private jet has the world’s largest corporate jet cabin

If you have found yourself struggling to get in your hand baggage through the narrow cabins of international flights, Airbus has plans to make you a bit happy. The brand is all set to put up its latest offering, the Airbus ACJ318, on display that boasts of being the world’s widest and tallest corporate jet cabin. Debuting at the Jet Expo in Moscow, the plane can accommodate 19 passengers, higher than any in the chartered VVIP aircraft segment to date. Open for visitors, the plane is available on charter by Comlux and gives you home and office style settings as you fly high in the lap of comfort and luxury.

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The jet with floor space of around 75 m2/800 ft2 will offer a living area and an office which can be switched in a bedroom, along with two spacious bathrooms, which means you can carry your apartment wherever you go! Now that is the kind of chartered comfort that you wouldn’t mind indulging in.

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