Singapore’s Changi airport has a massive slide that will take you directly to your boarding gate

While reaching the airport on time is a hassle, maneuvering your way from the ticket counter to the boarding gate is in fact bigger battle, especially if you’re pressed for time. However, the woes of the latecomers, as well as the needs of those looking for some adventure on the ground, have now been heard! In a first of sorts, Singapore’s renowned Changi airport has unveiled a slide that take passengers right up to boarding gates! Yes, that’s right!

Revealed first by a passenger named Yusuf El Askary on Youtube, the video shows him using his boarding pass to gain entry to a multi-story slide that can be found in Terminal 4. Thereafter, the excited traveler can be seen getting into the tube and sliding down, while makes a few noises of exhilaration on the way. The ride, as shown in the video, lands right outside the red Chandelier, which is basically a mini playground with climbing nets and poles.

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The airport also boasts another slide on terminal three which is 12 meters high and takes passengers all the way from level one to the third basement floor down. In order to have access to either of the slides, travelers will need to cough up $10 at any restaurant or retail shop in Changi Airport, which quite frankly doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Well, don’t forget to slide your way to fun while at Singapore Airport!

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