A luxury hotel just for cats offers Swarovski studded bowls and Cavalli wallpaper

It seems the hotel industry is getting saturated offering all the wonderful wonders to human guests. How else could one explain this craze to treat cats and dogs like they have suddenly won their first million dollar lottery? A hotel in Singapore is offering luxury accommodation for ‘fussy felines’. Lapped in luxury and comfort, the will get to purr on their fluffy beds with a backdrop of Roberto Cavalli wallpaper and Swarovski-studded dining ware. The Purrfection Suites, 14 in total, is an extension of The Wagington which is a 5-star hotel for dogs. It is owned by Estelle Tayler who converted a British colonial-era bungalow into the city’s first 5-star hotel for dogs.

The rooms are pumped with purified air while classical music is played to pacify the claws of these kittens. Rate for a night is $39, with grooming and spa services at additional cost. The ‘hotel’ will soon offer in-room dining with homemade food. So if you are in Singapore and want to tour the place but don’t want to stress out your feline friend, then here is your answer.
I may not be a pet person, but I am all for animal rights. So why just cats and dogs? Why not provide this kind of treatment for all of the animal kingdom?

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[ Via : Elledecor ]

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