If Apple were to make a cat litter box if would be like this

While cats manage to keep themselves and their surroundings spotless, throwing out or cleaning litter boxes can still be quite a task! However, making this chore easy-peasy for pet parents is an all-new self-cleaning and zero-odor litter box by Pluto Electronics.

Called ‘Circle Zero’, the clever invention is designed to take care of your cat’s business in the most efficient manner. It is fully automated and exceptionally silent and comes with a completely enclosed design for your cat’s privacy. The structured box can detect when your cat is done relieving itself and features a robotic scoop arm that scoops the litter and deposits it into the odor-locking waste bin.

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To ensure complete safety, the litter box activates 7 minutes after the cat leaves the enclosure. It is further affixed with safety sensors that automatically pull a brake on the process in case of anomalies. Other features include a mugnloo cat health monitor that tracks your cat’s health and bowel movements and sends alerts and routines updates to your smartphone.

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Aesthetically, the ‘Circle Zero’ is classy and can be easily displayed in the living room or by one’s bedside. It is further fitted with two different kinds of scoops – Bentonite and Tofu Litter and is compatible with all types of clumping litter. The exclusive litter box by Pluto is currently available for purchase online for $359 (early bird).

[Available at: Indiegogo]

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