Starting at $65,000 per person – You can now glamp on Antarctica’s white desert in space inspired ‘Sky Pods’

Glamping just got a new upgrade! We’re talking about a travel company White Desert’s new camp in Antarctica called ‘Echo.’ The venture features space-inspired ‘Sky Pods’ that are designed to provide a luxe experience to guests – in more departments than one.

Visitors can stay at any one of the six heated, cutting-edge bedroom sky pods that are complete with floor-to-ceiling windows to let the outdoors in. Each unit is fit to accommodate two guests and comes with top-notch furnishings and space-age accessories.

Made using composite fiberglass, the sleeping pods further feature original photos taken from the International Space Station by former commander (and White Desert guest) colonel Terry Virts. Other offerings at the camp include communal shower pods, a kitchen, and three centralized pods that accommodate the reception, lounge, and dining room.

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Beyond the stay, guests get access to an experienced team of chefs, hosts, and expert guides. They can partake in activities such as fat biking, skiing, skidooing, and 4×4 Arctic Truck driving or go on guided hiking and mountaineering excursions.

Commenting on it, co-founder of White Desert, Patrick Woodhead, said, “The inspiration behind the interiors at Echo comes from too many years of watching Star Wars as a kid. The real difficulty was trying to get the interior designers to fuse together the retro feel of the Millennium Falcon with the luxury of a boutique retreat.”

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The experience starts in Cape Town, where guests board a private jet to reach their destination. On arrival, they’re treated to a martini shaker with 10,000-year-old ice at the property’s private lounge. Prices for a five-day tour begin at $780,000 for a group of 12 or $65,000 per person for individual guests (inclusive of stay, return flights, and transfers from Cape Town to Antarctica, food, and beverages, and activities around camp).

Sounds like something you’d fancy?

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