With a view to recreating the French Riviera in the Gulf, Saudi Crown Prince MBS is building a superyacht repair facility on its seahorse-shaped Sindalah Island resort

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Neom is foreseeing a new way of life. The world will accumulate at Neom for its many charming branches- Sindalah, Trojena, Oxagon, and The Line. The fast-moving Sindalah, a sea-horse-shaped luxury island, is developing at breakneck speed. The latest is a partnership between Neom and MB92 to establish a 10,000-square-metre repair facility on the luxury island and yachting destination ahead of the opening of Sindalah in 2024.

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What can yacht owners expect from this avant-garde facility? In addition to MB92’s array of services like electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic system repairs, the center will cater to superyachts of any size with drydock operations for yachts up to 40 meters. “Teaming up with MB92 Group reflects our commitment to becoming a distinctive yachting destination,” said NEOM Islands executive director Aayush Killa, per Boat International, “This venture embodies our dedication to delivering world-class infrastructure and services to support yachts visiting the Red Sea.”

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MB92 group chairman Pepe García-Aubert said, “We are extremely excited to be a part of the remarkable NEOM project and embrace the opportunity that this partnership represents. We envision this as merely the beginning of a lasting and meaningful collaboration, allowing us to provide the local yachting community with a world-class refit and repair service in this incredibly beautiful region with so much to offer.”

MB92 Group CEO Jean-Marc Bollinger told BOATPro that global expansion had always been part of García-Aubert’s “dream.” He shared, “The Middle East is essentially ready to go now, and we definitely want to be in the US. Beyond that, looking at sailing patterns, Asia and even Australia and New Zealand could make sense. So, we are watching developments in that corner of the world very carefully.”

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The La Ciotat shipyard in France.

MB92 La Ciotat has developed a reputation as the unbeatable superyacht spa in the Mediterranean. Bigwigs like centibillionaire Jeff Bezos and Walmart heiress Nancy Walton chose La Ciotat to repair and maintain their multi-million floating palaces like the $500 million Koru sailing yacht and Kaos superyacht, respectively. By establishing a presence in the Middle East, the shipyard will open the gates for megayachts from the West to sail in without worry.

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