Take a peek inside Celebrity Edge, the world’s most high-tech cruise ship

Royal Caribbean is planning to transform the way we cruise with their cutting edge new plans for a new category of ship. You’ve heard of indoor-outdoor living, but can you imagine it on the water? Celebrity Edge vessels are suggesting just that, with the tantalizing promise of floor to ceiling glass windows that retract, with the push of a button, to turn your entire room into a balcony!

Richard Fain, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, the President & CEO of Celebrity Cruises have announced Celebrity Edge together, teasing a 2018 debut for the new vessels which will do away with portholes and balconies as you know them.

Instead, you get cabins that extend to the end of the ship providing fantastic views and stateroom floor plans that are (on average) 23 per cent larger. Even bathroom gain 20% of additional space.

If that’s not swanky enough for you, other upgrades include a mini that leans over the edge of the ship, and moves up and down similar to an elevator! Called the Magic Carpet, this new space will change its purpose on every deck.

Celebrity Edge vessels will boast six duplex villas that feature private plunge pools and direct access to the one of the ship’s sundecks. Guests can spoil themselves rotten with Eucalyptus-treated cashmere mattresses from Italy, Bulgari bath amenities, butler service, packing and unpacking support, and even a bar with a personalized stock!

This rooftop garden can be accessed by the ship’s Solarium and provides an exotic party venue thanks to its sculptured trees.

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Guests will be given RFID-enabled wristbands that enable guests to scan in and out of the ship at port or charge drinks to their rooms. Guests will also be able to check in, control their room temperature and unlock stateroom doors using their smartphone.

If cruise trips made you think of seniors’ vacations, then Celebrity Edge is probably for you. They’re taking the cruise ship experience into the future!

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