CNBC sneaks in to Pearl – The newest ships in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet

Irrespective of the roaring or weakening economic conditions, we strive to bring the latest on the most luxurious lifestyle and horrendously expensive products for our readers. And today, it is time to take a tour of the newest ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet along with CNBC correspondent Peter Greenberg. Since it is estimated that the $30 billion cruise business is sailing in rough waters, Peter gives us a clear picture of the fourteen stories’ strengths and weaknesses and larger than three football fields ship, the Pearl. Home to more than 4000 passengers and crew and Peter was granted extraordinary access above and below deck to document the ship’s inner workings and the business itself. Touted as the city at sea, it’s a hotel, shopping mall, casino, and resort all at the same time. NCL’s Norwegian Pearl offers the most luxurious accommodations, which go for $26,000 a week, butler included.

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Peter also explains the huge gap that exists between the baseline cabin fee and the actual cost of indulging all the ship has to offer. The report also explores common perceptions and misperceptions about safety and security at sea, and takes viewers behind the scenes as the crew of the Norwegian Pearl train for worst-case scenarios. CNBC gets a rare look at the Pearl’s state-of-the-art security operation, where officials use 1100 surveillance cameras to monitor the ship 24/7. Big ships cost big money, and one misstep, whether it’s bad weather, a late departure or even running short on beer, can mean the difference between profits and loss.
The CNBC Original, “Cruise Inc: Big Money on the High Seas” premieres Tuesday, March 24 at 9p ET│10p PT on CNBC.

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