With apartments starting at just $365,000, you do not need to be a millionaire to have a classy home on this cruise ship.

A lavish cruise holiday features in almost everyone’s bucket list. It is one of those dreamy experiences you wish to witness in a lifetime. Why settle for a few days on the sea when you could make it your permanent address? A new company called Storylines is reinventing how we look at permanent homes by unveiling a stunning floating condo called MV Narrative. These will offer a new way of living without burning a hole in the pocket with one-to-four-bedroom residences starting at $400,000 and luxurious two-story penthouses for $8 million. Those not interested in becoming an outright buyer and wanting to test this new way of living can still be a part of the residential community at sea. It is possible to fulfill this dream through a limited number of 12 and 24-year leases.

The homes to be launched in 2024 are already popular, with an undisclosed number of the 547 units already been sold. It won’t be shocking if all residences are sold by the end of 2022. The MV Narrative ship is currently under construction in Croatia, but we know what this magnificent dream home will contain. Owners can expect every luxury in the book from as many as 20 dining concepts and bars, a microbrewery, three swimming pools, and a 10,000-book library for avid readers. This brings us to the more important question, what are these homes all about?

There is entertainment galore on board with a massive movie theater, a state-of-the-art wellness center, a bowling alley, and a solar-powered hydroponic garden farm, according to CNN. The rooms and apartments will be bedecked with full kitchens, flat-screen TVs, climate control systems, mood lighting, and stereo speakers. The bedrooms are a picture of comfort with queen-size murphy beds and ‘luxury’ mattresses guaranteeing maximum comfort at night.

The Narrative aims to recreate the way one looks and experiences the world. “What a typical cruise line might do in one month or three weeks, we will take three to four months to do,” Punton tells CNN Travel. He continues, “So that’s how much we extend the experience out. And they [residents] have opportunities to have input into where the ship goes next.” If all goes as planned, by the end of 2024, The Narrative will commence its first 1,000-day maiden voyage that seeks to touch down on six continents during that time.

According to New York Post, these homes won’t be corrupting the environment on their immensely extensive journeys, “We will definitely be the greenest cruise ship out there,” which runs on liquefied natural gas, “one of the cleanest-burning non-electric marine fuels,” said Punton. “But there’s also all the other parts to it as well,” he continued. “It’s how we source our food, how we store food in bulk, growing it onboard the ship, converting waste to energy, limiting the use of plastics and all those kinds of things.” Does the idea of living an affordable life at sea excite you?

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[Via: CNN]

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