A luxury cruise that will take you to 6 mystery destinations

Lovers of mystery, intrigue, and travel should start taking notes because the Bolsover Cruise Club has just combined all their favorite things into one irresistible package. Their Secret Sailaway is a cruise whose destinations are all cleverly hidden in a series of riddles. The company will reveal the price of the cruise to potential customers along with departure and return dates but that’s pretty much everything that you can get out of them. Details regarding the destination, the locations of stop-overs, and connecting flights are all concealed in riddles which voyagers are invited to solve.

The Club has already released the riddles, so if you can solve them, then you’ll know the secret itinerary. If you can’t solve it, but decide to take the cruise anyway, the mystery will get clearer as the journey advances. Of course, you can be a spoilsport and have them tell you the destinations (post-purchase only!) but where’s the fun in that?
All we know is that the price of the cruise is £12,339 (around $15,023 at current exchange) and that the voyage includes six destinations in 16 nights, along with several 5 stop-overs in high-end hotels. The rest is a riddle! We’ve featured the riddles below so if you consider yourself a pro at decoding, here’s your chance to show off. If not, then this is the best way to take a journey that’s unpredictable and intriguing yet guaranteed to be fun and comfortably luxurious!











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