The world’s largest private aircraft to come with en suite bedrooms and panaromic windows offering horizon to horizon views

If these renderings are to be believed then the interior of the world’s largest aircraft will be a thing to behold once it’s ready. A project by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) and Design Q, the Airlander 10 passenger cabin takes airborne luxury to new and dizzying heights (excuse the pun!). The project is a redesign of a 150ft-long cabin that was once property of the US Army. Now the cabin will be redesigned for private use.

The design is truly ambitious, with large glass windows offering expansive views.

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Even sections of the floor look to be made up of glass panels.

The craft is designed to accommodate 18 passengers and crew members for a three-day expedition.

And those expeditions may very well be far flung destinations since this craft will not require a runway. It can take off and land on any flat surface!

Since no runway is required, this plane and airship hybrid will even be able to access some hard-to-reach spots.

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Design Q’s CEO Howard Guy said, “My team exploited the opportunity that Airlander 10 presents: we had a huge space to create an experience that makes no compromises. This is luxury like you’ve never known it, with the ability to go anywhere in the world.”

With spaces like a bar, lounge and ensuite bedroom available, you’ll have the comforts of home even miles above the ground!


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