This $140,000 per-person private jet tour will take you to Europe on a 15-day ultra-luxury vacation

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The best way to see the world is not with your eyes but on a private jet tour. The inaugural Grand Tour of Europe by Private Jet makes picturesque Europe even more dazzling to experience. Starting September 2023, the journey travels to Europe’s most desirable destinations over 12 days. Fifteen travelers explore destinations like London, Sicily, the Greek Isles, the Adriatic Riviera, and the City of Canals in Venice. This one-of-a-kind tour handpicks the best parts of a group tour while keeping privacy in mind. The journey begins with delectable meals by London members-only dining club Mosimann on the incredible Embraer Legacy ER135.

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Red Savannah begins the trip with a bang and keeps the tempo intact with an array of individual activities, spontaneous encounters, and relaxation. Group experiences will help you explore Palermo’s Capo with like-minded people and new friends who will also be great company on the private boat charters to islands in the Cyclades and Croatia’s Elaphiti archipelago. The saying, ‘more the merrier will be confirmed at the Vucciria districts, the underground labyrinth of tunnels at Muchabe Arabe, kayaking in Dubrovnik, and wandering in the secret gardens in Venice.

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No successful trip can be complete without a solid food memory, and lucky for you, Red Savannah will take you to specially curated world-class restaurants. The Grand Tour of Europe offers a new paradigm, using a much smaller private jet to connect some of Europe’s greatest sites, without the need for non-stop travel around multiple airports,” George Morgan-Grenville, founder and CEO of Red Savannah, shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine.

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“Exclusivity is the hallmark, and in addition to superlative group events, each guest will have a choice between independent privately guided sightseeing, or time to enjoy the facilities of some of the best hotels in Europe or both.” Per Global Traveller, the first four people to book this tour travel with complementary first-class round-trip tickets. The Grand Tour starts at $139,500 per person, which includes all private jet flights, 5-star accommodations, most lunches, all dinners, a welcome and farewell cocktail party, and individual and group sightseeing opportunities.

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