This remote Californian mushroom dome cabin is the most popular Airbnb in the entire world

As Airbnb celebrates 500 million guests, the house sharing platform reveals it’s a most popular rental, a Californian ‘mushroom dome’. The journey of Airbnb has definitely been noteworthy, given its phenomenal growth over the past decade. The company now has a global presence in over 1,000 cities, giving most international hotel chains a run for their money.

Now coming back to the topic in focus, the compact 100 sq ft Californian ‘mushroom dome’ is perched atop the rustic Aptos woods. Considering its secluded location, your daily pastime could entail hours of star-gazing and appreciating nature.

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Honestly, the adorable geodesic dome loft of the cabin is primarily the reason it has attracted 1,300 impressive reviews till date. Owned by Kitty Mrache, the cabin is so popular that even Kitty’s kids have to make a reservation to stay a night. From its enchanting interiors and remote retreat to Mrache’s commendable hospitality, we can see why this has proven to be so attractive amongst Airbnb guests.

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