Ultra luxurious Japanese bus tour seats only 10 and costs upto $1200 a ticket

For those who get sea-sick, air-sick and cannot stand all that rocking that comes with train travel, yet need to travel in utmost comfort and style- here is a luxury bus for you. And when we say luxury, we mean in all $1,200 worth of luxury!

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That’s right. Founded by Japanese company Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel, these luxury buses will ply from Tokyo, taking you on tours all over Japan. Each bus will seat only 10 people and each person will be charged around 150,000 yen ($1,211) per tour package.

So will it be worth your money? Well, the buses are said to be modeled after the business class section of airplanes. Surely the seats are comfortable and snacks/meals will be served but do the costs still justify? The cheapest bus tours that are only two days and one night cost around 150,000 yen ($1,211), but some others that are three days long cost 245,000 yen ($1,979) to 330,000 yen ($2,665). The trips include staying at high-class hotels and toured outings and meals, but a significant portion of the cost is also just for the privilege of riding the luxury bus.
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According to Isetan Mitsukosh, the high ticket prices have not deterred visitors and the company has already sold more than half of their summer packages, catering primarily to older, retired couples and groups of women.

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The bus tours go all over Japan, with current packages taking passengers on three-day trips to Nagano and Gunma. The trips vary season by season as Isetan Mitsukosh Travel will focus on trips to experience the fireworks festivals during the summer, foliage in the fall and cherry blossoms in the spring.

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We’re still skeptical at those ticket prices but then we like flying. But if you’re a family or group of 10 looking for a new experience, some adventure – no expense spared – this might just be your calling!

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