Sip champagne at the edge of space – For just $50,000 this balloon space craft will take passengers on a 12 hour journey to space.

It is not every day that Earthlings gaze at stars from a unique perspective, aka the edge of the Earth. A few years ago, going on a trip to space in a balloon spacecraft, sipping champagne, and enjoying the celestial views would seem nothing but unreal. Going to outer space was never recreational up until now. Turning dreams into reality is stratospheric exploration company World View. The company has revealed a full-scale model of the innovative spacecraft, which will seat eight passengers and two crew members. The hexagon-shaped pods are equipped with a climate-controlled, pressurized environment.

To maximize your experience in the stratosphere, the pods sport large elliptical windows measuring 6.5 feet wide x 4.5 feet high, offering impressive views of the Earth’s curvature and its natural wonders. The reclined seats keep passengers comfortable while enjoying the revelation of the exciting line of sight. Other onboard amenities include a cocktail table, graphical user interface (GUI) screen (educational materials and engaging activities), central console, personal storage, and beverage holder.

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Businesswire reports, “Unveiling our space capsule prototype is a pivotal moment for the company as we prepare for our first launch from the Grand Canyon in just two short years,” said Ryan Hartman, President and Chief Executive Officer of World View. We are thrilled to partner with leaders in aerospace design and engineering to bring our vision to life and ensure spaceflight participants enjoy a truly transformative experience.” World View’s space tourism program begins launching commercial flights in 2024 for $50,000 per seat.

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The voyages will take passengers over some of our planet’s natural and artificial wonders, such as the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef.

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