Bovet has partnered with Pininfarina to create a tourbillon twin watch for its record breaking Batista electric hypercar

Swiss luxury watch brand Bovet is no stranger to exclusive collaborations with top-tier automobile manufacturers. The last we saw from the Haute Horlogerie brand was a collaboration with Rolls-Royce to create a bespoke pair of watches for the $28 million one-off Boat Tail. The Swiss watchmaker has now partnered with storied Italian brand Pininfarina to release its latest automotive-themed special edition. The latest release from the Swiss boutique brand pays homage to Pininfarina’s first-ever independent car, the Battista electric hyper GT. The Bovet Batista Tourbillon was created alongside the pure-electric hypercar and captures the same levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“At Bovet 1822, the human element is essential, and so it is for Pininfarina,” said Bovet’s owner Mr. Pascal Raffy. “Cars and timepieces share the same values: design and performance. When you start a project and there is no interest other than the pursuit of perfection, passions do not just add up – they multiply.”

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The development and manufacturing of the Bovet Batista Tourbillon were done completely in-house. The handmade masterpiece features a 45.6mm case that reinterprets Bovet’s signature Amadeo Convertible Case design. The cylindrical case gets massive box sapphire crystals at both ends, offering an unhindered view from a variety of angles of the patented Double-Sided 60-Second Flying Tourbillon. The in-house 16BM01TVGD hand-wound flying tourbillon movement has been designed exclusively for this and offers an impressive power reserve of 10 days.

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The automotive-themed skeleton dial design is the highlight of the watch. It’s the first time Bovet has gone with a design with asymmetrical subdials since the brand’s founding in 1822. The heptagonal shapes of the off-axis subdials are inspired by the electric hypercar and simply look stunning. The watch is paired with an exclusive-designed vegan black/blue rubber strap that ensures the relatively heft watch sits comfortably on the wrist. The watch is available in three different color options: polished titanium, red gold, or platinum. The Bovet Batista Tourbillon is priced at $319,200 and only 90 examples will be available for sale through authorized dealers.

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