Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo looked dapper wearing a rare $140,000 gold Rolex flaunting the famous Pepsi bezel

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Cristiano Ronaldo and expensive watches are like a moth to a flame. The center-forward and captain of the Al Nassr football club was spotted adorning an ultra-expensive rare $140,000 gold Rolex set with rubies and sapphires. As the world’s most followed and highest-paid footballer, the accessory doesn’t come as a surprise. For those who are ardent fans following Ronaldo’s love for expensive timepieces, this Rolex GMT-Master II in yellow gold won’t even make the cut as an exceptional addition to his insane watch collection.

Ronaldo owns some jaw-dropping luxury timepieces like a $2 million Girard-Perregaux Planetarium Tri-Axial and the $1.5 million Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Tourbillon. In comparison, the Rolex watch with the famous Pepsi bezel (red and blue gemstone pattern) though admittedly beautiful, doesn’t make one jump out of the seat. The Portuguese football player signed a contract with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr for a massive $211m-a-year salary which gets his golden foot the company of some blinged-out wrists. Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Arabian Football Club Al Nassr was also celebrated with yet another luxury watch by Jacob & Co.

Cristiano Ronaldo is thought to be wearing the Rolex GMT-Master II in yellow gold.

Ronaldo took home a $780,000 Saudi-themed, bespoke version of the Caviar Flying Tourbillon packed with the greenest tsavorite stones. Tsavorites are 200 times rarer than emeralds, and Ronaldo’s watch featured 338 baguette-cut tsavorite gemstones embedded in it. Now that’s truly exquisite in the truest sense of the term.

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