DoorDash a Daytona? Rolex in Scotland offers lockdown delivery service where the most sought after watches are hand delivered in chauffeur driven limousines

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Buying a Rolex (no matter how rich you are) is an experience. There is excitement, a few butterflies in the stomach, and the instant urge to click pic and post. The pandemic has changed not just the faces and functioning of businesses but also how consumers shop. The consumer indeed prefers buying everything and anything online; As long as the brand offers the click-and-collect or home delivery service, the customers theirs. Keeping this new wave of change in mind, one of the luxury watch world’s biggest brands, Rolex, too, has jumped on the bandwagon despite never having an online sales presence.

Rolex opened a new boutique in Glasgow, Scotland, and decided to try something new akin to DoorDash but for Daytonas, not documents or pizzas! We are talking about an eternally stylish and revered brand like Rolex, which is why one would expect the same out of the delivery service and they demonstrated panache to the T. Rolex store enlisted limousine drivers to make deliveries of its famous watches. Staff was chauffeur-driven as far north as Ullapool and parts of England to ensure customers received the same luxury one-to-one in-store service.

Manager Marcus Robertson says brand sales have increased during the pandemic, “They like things that last. The pandemic has surpassed all our expectations. Rolex doesn’t sell online, we are always about face-to-face and we’ve had to adapt. So we started doing video calls and our staff were chauffeur driven to make deliveries. We’ve never done that before. He continued, “When we get an allocation of watches, we try to find the perfect client. We don’t sell we consult.”

It’s a novel way of selling esteemed and expensive luxury watches, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It’s not every day the door opens to a limousine parked outside and a Rolex dealer coming inside to unfurl their watch roll on your coffee table.

[Via: Glasgow Herald]

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