Jaeger-LeCoultre spotlights Calibre 101 its smallest mechanical movement with two new high jewelry watches

Jewelry is designed from the heart and watches from the mind but Luxury Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced two new High Jewellery watches for 2020 that brings them both together. The two new High Jewellery watches bring Calibre 101 in the spotlight and surround it with mind-numbing beauty in the form of diamonds and design. The latest offerings named 101 Snowdrop and 101 Bangle bring together the best of high jewelry and fine watchmaking. Calibre 101 was developed in 1929 which makes it one of the world’s oldest movement and by weighing barely one gram, the tiny, hand-wound caliber is also the smallest mechanical movement in the world. The minuteness of this movement is surrounded by the best in class diamonds classified IF to VVS. The approach to designing the 101 Snowdrop and 101 Bangle is unique as the designing takes a detour from the norm that begins with the case and then designs the bracelets or straps to complement it. The jewelry-led approach doesn’t compromise on design and integrating the cases and movements into the designs.101 Snowdrop reminds you of the white bell-shaped flowers that grow through a thin layer of snow in the Vallée de Joux. The dial is girdled with the most perfectly synchronized pear-shaped diamonds in ‘griffe’ setting that maximizes the passing of light through the stones from all angles and minimizes the use of metal. 101 Snowdrop holds 904 diamonds out of which 204 are pear-shaped and the remaining are brilliant-cut. This structure is supported by two bands of pink gold.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 Bangleis a stunner in its own right with 996 brilliant-cut diamonds that are perfectly aligned with the curves of this design. It seamlessly brings together symmetrical and asymmetrical elements owing to its inspiration that stems from the geometry of the Art Deco period. This fantastic pink gold bracelet comes with an interesting design and an even more intriguing opening mechanism wherein one simply twists the two sides to wear this man-made marvel. 996 brilliant-cut diamonds are set in a combination of griffe and grain setting supplying the bracelet a three-dimensional effect that adds to the beauty of its form and diamonds. These watches are unquestionably beautiful and superb examples of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s mastery of mechanical movements and gem setting.

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