Just for your $200,000 watches – Buben & Zorwerg has partnered with Bugatti for multifunction safes and watch winders

Bugatti has entered into a multi-year partnership with Buben&Zorweg – a brand that is known for creating high-end watch winders and safes at its manufacturing facilities in Germany and Austria. What makes the brands natural partners is their endless pursuit of setting very high standards in terms of design, technical perfection, and accomplished craftsmanship. The collaboration between the two companies has spawned two limited-edition models that include Buben&Zorweg’s famous safe and watch winding functions and are designed with styling elements borrowed from the legendary French automaker’s hypercars. They were showcased at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim where the automaker’s President Stephan Winkelmann and Buben&Zorweg’s CEO Florian vom Bruch both were present. “Bugatti must always offer the extraordinary, exceed even the wildest dreams. In every respect”, Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann explained. “We also expect this from our partners. We are convinced that Buben&Zorweg also meets these demands – with every masterpiece of the cooperation dubbed Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti, in an exciting way.”

The “Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti” masterpieces embody the brand DNA of both the luxury manufacturers. The first limited edition gets its design and material inspiration from the Chiron by incorporating “Chiron 300+” and “French Racing” styles. The “Chiron 300+” pays tribute to the record-setting Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ that broke the 300mph speed barrier last year. Some of the masterpieces of “French Racing” bear France’s characteristic racing blue supplemented by details with subtle quotes about the origin of the Bugatti brand.

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The Grande Illusion Chiron multifunction safe’s highlighting features is the signature B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock. The safe weighs 215 kg and can be unlocked exclusively by a biometric fingerprint sensor or transponder chip. The storage unit rises from the cylindrical column structure and a special drawer for secure storage of keys shields its contents from radio waves. The Illusion Chiron and Grande Illusion Chiron multifunction safes come in three color and material combinations and their production has been limited to 30 units per combination. The Spirit Chiron watch winder for four or eight watches is available in two color/material combinations which have also been limited to 30 units. The Limited Edition Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti will be available in global B&Z Boutiques and at selected retail partners.

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