MB&F debuts their racing inspired Horological Machine 8

After wowing us with their robo-clock earlier this month, MB&F is making our hearts race again with their new timepiece: The Horological Machine No.8 or HM8. This model features the angular form and optical prism displays are seen on preceding models like the HM5 and the HMX, as well as the signature “battle-ax” winding rotor, which took center stage on top of HM3, the brand’s most popular model to date. The HM8 couples these elements with a high-octane race car-inspired design. The watch draws inspiration from the Canadian-American Challenge Cup, Can-Am for short, which was a sports car racing series that ran from 1966 to 1987.

The HM8’s engine is an in-house developed bi-directional jumping hour and trailing minute indication module, on a Girard-Perregaux base movement. The movement is inverted to put the winding rotor on top and modified to drive the prism indicator module. The finishing of the movement is first class, which it has to be as it is completely open to view from the top. The watch offers a power reserve of 42 hours.
This movement is contained within a remarkable case! The complete top of the case is one piece of sapphire crystal with sections of the crystal metalized to create a bluish border. That crystal, along with the polished roll bars on each side, the oil sumps underneath, and the time displays created by optical prisms make the HM8 a distinctive and memorable timepiece. The HM8 has dual oil sumps under its own Engine as a reference to car engines that have oil sumps underneath them. The time indications are displayed vertically in a ‘dashboard’ at the front of the case.
MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser believes that the Horological Machine N°8 could be the most awesome model from his brand so far. “I feel that this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve ever created,” he said. The watch is available in white and red gold variants. Alligator straps in blue (for the white gold model) and brown (for the red gold model) with pin buckles complete the watch.

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