Shine on with Louis Vuitton’s new collection of women’s watches

Louis Vuitton’s newest watch collection comes loaded with a liberal dose of bling! Full of color and shine, the collection boasts a number of high fashion timepieces as well as trendy everyday watches. Each watch displays the expert craftsmanship and design that we’ve come to expect from LV over the years. We’ve picked our favorites below:

louis-vuitton-tambour-monogram-bijou-riviereTambour Monogram Bijou Riviere
Drenched in glittering diamonds, this is the arm candy you need for all your summer soirées. With 212 diamonds on the dial and a further 463 diamonds on the bracelet, this watch is all you need to complete your glamorous night out.

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louis-vuitton-chevron-jewelry-watchChevron Jewelry Watch
Aztec inspired prints have been around for a while, but LV is translating the trend into a cool diamond studded watch dial. Available in red and black with lizard straps, these watches are perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

louis-vuitton-tambour-monogram-sun-tourbillonTambour Monogram Sun Tourbillon
Available in sapphire blue, fuschia pink and white, this modern classic design features a mother of pearl dial snow set with diamonds and features the LV four petal flower. While the blue and pink versions come with rhodium plated white gold cases, the white watch boasts an attractive rose gold case.

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louis-vuitton-emprise-malletageEmprise Malletage
With its sharp rectangular shape and metal bracelet that mimics the quilted pattern of the padded linings of the steamer trunks, this watch is the sleek and classic finishing touch to all your office ensembles.

As always, LV has something for everyone. View the full collection here.

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