Tag’s Connected Modular 45 might be the world’s most expensive smartwatch

Tag Heuer’s new connected watch is the most expensive of its kind in the world. Called the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a decidedly upscale version of the brand’s Modular 41 smartwatch. The Android Wear watch is made of white gold and titanium and features a liberal application of glittering diamonds.

The watch’s 45mm case is made from 18K PD125 polished white gold, the bezel is covered 78 diamonds while there are another 16 on the lugs. The bracelet is embellished with a whopping 489 diamonds; in total this watch is dripping with 23.35 carats of bling.

For those who care more about what’s on the inside, the watch is powered by a Cailbre 5 mechanical module; but the movement can be swapped for an Android Wear core in a pinch. This changeable feature is a pretty smart move, since it means the watch won’t become useless when the Android Wear features become outdated. Owners of the watch can also change things up by introducing a Chronograph Calibre 16 or COSC-certified Chronograph Tourbillon core.
Other features include GPS, an NFC sensor for payment, an HD AMOLED screen, and 512MB of RAM with 4GB of storage. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 m and in the mechanical module, its dial can be customized to the wearers liking.

So why does this watch have these chameleon like customization options? Because its price tag bears a formidable number: 190,000 Swiss francs, or around US$197,000. At that price, the watch needs to be usable even once Android wear surpasses its abilities. Imagine owning a smartwatch covered with diamonds only to have it become useless within a year!


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