The stunningly beautiful and complicated Jacob & Co. Fleurs de Jardin timepiece gets a hue of rainbow colors

A while ago we fell in love with the Fleurs de Jardin a high-end feminine timepiece from Jacob & Co. it stole our hearts so easily with its 11 brilliant flowers of kite-shaped amethyst, pink, and icy blue sapphires, tsavorites, citrines, orange garnets and rubies perched masterfully around a mother-of-pearl dial. Sounding familiar? Yes, I am talking about the exquisite Fleurs de Jardin watch and we are so ready to lose our hearts yet again to the new Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin timepiece from Jacob & Co. This time it’s a tourbillon-clad wristwatch in a striking rainbow color palette. Multicolored sapphire flowers around the Tourbillon, a time display, and an upper level which all revolve around the dial in a clockwise formation make for a wonderful little marveling garden on your wrists. One may think that’s a whole lot of gemstones but the Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin isn’t done with just those. The watch has two 18k rose gold rings set with yet more rainbow sapphires. The dial comes finished with a 288-facet Jacob-cut grass-green tsavorite stone at the center.

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We know for a fact that only 101 units have been made available. No news on pricing yet but I’m sure it will be a tad bit higher than the $360,000 price tag of its predecessor. Does this look like a beacon of hope at the end of a storm? It sure does to us!

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[Via: Lux Expose]

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