Fit for a Bond villain – A $944,000 astronomical timepiece that is adorned with a titanium octopus

Jacob & Co. is known for pushing the boundaries of the horological imagination with their Astronomia watches and the new Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus continues to put watch lovers in awe. The 3D octopus in the center of the watches steals your attention right away. Its tentacles reach every part of the watch and seem to touch every element inside the watch case. The octopus itself is hand engraved and lacquered.

The movement is balanced by four planetary indications. The blue and gold Earth globe rotates every 60 seconds on both vertical and horizontal axes; a faceted, spherical diamond rotates every 60 seconds on two axes. Meanwhile the hour and minute indications are diagonally opposite the triple-axis tourbillon regulating the movement. The entire movement, octopus and all, rotates on a central axis every 10 minutes. With so many moving elements, this ambitious watch could not be completed without some serious skills from the craftsmen involved in its creation. It’s pretty impressive that a watch like this can boast a 60 hour power reserve.

Everything is contained within an impressive watch case crafted from sapphire crystal and pink gold. The domed sapphire crystal features an anti-reflective coating and the many “window” on the watch let you observe the movement from any angle. While there is no visible crown on the side of the watch, movement can be wound and set thanks to the two fold-out crowns on the back.

The watch comes with an alligator strap in blue, but if you want a change the quick-release spring bar system allows you to easily change the strap on your own. The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus watch is priced at $944,000.


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