Made from the rock of the Himalayas and water from the poles this $884,800 Jacob & Co. watch comes with a helicopter expedition to Mt. Everest

It is true that Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Everest is an ultra-exclusive timepiece costing nothing less than $884,800 but it’s full of wins. One, you get to wear this magnificent creation every day. Secondly, this timepiece includes genuine rock from the Himalayas. And thirdly, this mountain-ready release is sold with a helicopter expedition to Everest with explorer Johan Ernst Nilson. Suddenly the $884,800price tag of Jacob & Co Astronomia Mount Everest Watch doesn’t sound all that Earth-shattering right? And we haven’t even got to all its fantastic features yet! The Astronomia Mount Everest is a limited edition watch that’s the result of a partnership between Swedish explorer and environmentalist, Johan Ernst Nilson, Jacob & Co. Nilson is certainly the best person to talk about the wonder this gorgeous timepiece is after all it is he who climbed 6,200 meters in minus-30-degree temperatures and the high altitudes wearing this Astronomia Tourbillon watch while scaling the Himalayas. The watch continued to work as a solid companion and is priced so to reflect the height of Mt. Everest (8,848 meters). Features of the watch are very impressive too; a double-axis gravitational tourbillon on one of four satellites. The other three satellites feature a one-carat 288-faceted Jacob-cut diamond, a constantly rotating magnesium globe, and the hour/minute dial.

One of the most awesome aspects of this creation is the face that is constructed with minuscule transparent buckets of actual water Nilson collected at both the North and South Poles. Jacob & Co. won’t let you forget their inspiration behind this avant-garde horological wonder making even the presentation box shaped like Mount Everest complete with a line detailing a climber’s ascent. The $884,800 watch is limited to 24 pieces to match the 24 time zones of the Earth––12 pieces with a black Celestial Vault (47mm watch, with a black dial in 18-karat white gold) and 12 pieces with a blue Celestial Vault (blue dial in 18-karat white gold). The watch has a charitable component; 10 percent of the purchase price will be donated to an undecided environmental charity.

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