Ulysse Nardin’s new limited-edition watch collection plays with erotism in the underwater world

Swiss watch brand Ulysse Nardin’s collection of watches has always been a favourite amongst us. Their new tag line pretty much sums up the Swiss brand’s motto and vision; “We Xplore. we Xcite. we Xist. We are Ulysse,”

While most watch companies have been glued to the monotonous design of metal dials, Ulysses Nardin has roped Italian erotic comic book artist Milo Manara to curate hand-painted dials. The theme is mystical and distinctive and we’re excited; mermaids.

More so, there is a story, and we are in love with it. Inspired by Manara’s concepts of underwater adventures between a fabled mermaid and a gorgeous young woman who meet and discover love, each of the 10 watches in the series depicts the duo in different scenes of embrace and frolic. Celebrating love and erotica, one story in focus is the mermaid seducing the woman, while a shark watches them, depending on the dial design.
Milo Manara has crafted the watches keeping in mind Ulysse Nardin’s theme of erotism in the underwater world. “The clock lends itself particularly precisely to this theme because in eroticism there is an eternity. This is not a linear story, but there is a common thread based on … a timeless girl and … a mermaid,” says Manara.

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A limited-edition of 20 watches have been created per illustration: 10 in stainless steel and 10 in 18-karat 5N rose gold. The entire collection is a hand-crafted collection of 200 pieces in total.

Here’s the fine print. The 40mm watches are powered by the UN-320 self-winding movement with high-tech silicium technology. The case back is embedded with a sapphire crystal. Each and every watch features a dark blue alligator strap. The distinctive element about this collection is an original numbered Milo Manara print, signed by the artist.

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Priced at $26,900 for the stainless steel collection and $34,400 for the 18-karat rose gold version, the Ulysses Nardin collection is in our opinion, the ideal gifting option.