Watchmaker turns alchemist – Richard Mille unveils two new materials by combining gold with carbon and quartz

Swiss watchmakers, Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology will be jointly unveiling two new materials for watches. Gold Quartz-TPT and Gold NTPT carbon. This is for the first time that we will be seeing this unique material making it to the surface of not one, but two watches. The company will present the materials in two women’s watches, the RM 07-01 and the RM 037. The combination of these materials will enable the watches to enhance their shock-resistance and also the exclusivity of each timepiece. When you come to think of it, everything, from the machine used to cut the new materials to the way the process of assembly needs to adapt, will need to be altered. As these timepieces look completely different from the commonplace gold and platinum ones, they are instantly and easily recognized.

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While the combination of gold leaf with quartz or carbon is an exciting new proposition to give these watches a glance, the move is also a significant stepping stone for many brands to be inspired with their experiments in novel materials, in addition to the usual explorations into added complexities.

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