A sartorial sensation, Princess Diana’s magnificent Catherine Walker Black Dress took the auction world by storm, majestically garnering over $300,000, tripling its forecasted value in a dazzling testament to timeless fashion.

Princess Diana was many things: a humanitarian, a devoted mother, a force, a champion of mental health, and a fashion icon. While her other qualities are intangible and solely associated with the Princess of Wales, her fashion choices are a tangible and attainable reality, making them highly sought-after at auctions. A striking black Catherine Walker dress, worn by Diana to a private event, recently hit the auction block at Julien’s Auctions. This embellished LBD, featured as part of its ‘Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion’ event, sold for $325,000 – over three times its original estimate of $100,000.

The elegant black silk velvet cocktail dress boasts ivory satin accents and is a quintessential example of Diana’s sartorial elegance, featuring clean lines, an off-the-shoulder neckline, a princess-seamed bodice with a boned interior bustier, and a knee-length hem. In December 2023, another gown worn by Princess Diana in 1985 shattered fashion records, selling for a whopping $1.14 million.

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Designed by Jacques Azagury and offered at Julien’s Auctions, it sold for 11 times its original estimate. Julien’s holds the record for auctioning the most expensive dress worn by Princess Diana. The ‘Unstoppable’ event also showcased pieces from Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Princess Grace of Monaco. Notably, Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic pink tutu from the opening credits of ‘Sex and the City’ fetched a respectable $52,000 under the hammer.

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