A 1928 Mickey Mouse poster sells for more than $100,000

This animal with large round ears on his head and equally large yellow shoes on his feet is the most lovable mouse. Last year a 1932 Mickey Mouse poster fetched $35,850. But this year the earliest surviving poster of this mouse with red shorts and white gloves has gone under the hammer to sell for a six figure price. The 1928 movie poster of Mickey Mouse sold for more than $100,000. This poster belongs to the same year in which the character was bought to life by Walt Disney. The color poster is the only copy known to exist and belongs to the time when Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoons were distributed by Celebrity Productions. They distributed every Mickey Mouse short from November 1928 through December 1929 — a total of twelve cartoons. It belonged to the family of a deceased collector in Northern California, the auction house said. However the identity of the winning bidder is unknown. The poster that states Mickey as “The World’s Funniest Cartoon Character” was precisely sold for $101,575.

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