FIFA World Cup final ball auctioned on eBay for $74,000

The balls used during this year’s FIFA World Cup received more criticism than many of the players. Critiqued for their unpredictability, these balls made by Adidas were nicknamed “supermarket balls.” However, their nickname hasn’t stopped a bidder from shelling out a cool $74,000 to acquire one of the balls used during the finals between Spain and the Netherlands. During the finals, the ball was given the name Jo’bulani and colored gold and was auctioned via eBay. This gold ball will definitely make for the best memorabilia or souvenir of this year’s World Cup. And the bidder need not feel guilty about his splurging as all proceeds from the sale of the ball were donated to Nelson Mandela’s campaign to prevent HIV/AIDS.

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Although the winning bidder’s name hasn’t been revealed, Adidas said later that a group of Spanish fans made the highest bid.

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