NASA Omni Hand Prototype with NASA glove for sale on eBay

Sci-fi freaks as well as techno geeks who love to study and explore space technology here is something for you. eBay is auctioning a NASA Omni Hand Prototype which is just one of two ever made. A revolution in robotics, this prototype was the first motorized dexterous robotic hand. This dexterous robotic hand boasts of ball and socket joints for flexibility. The robotic hand was created for NASA Space Application and even won the 19993 NASA Technology Utilization Award. But here is the best part; the robotic hand features a custom fitted NASA space suit glove made by the same company who makes space suits for NASA!

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The starting bid for this robotic hand is $22,500 and the auction is slated to end on October 5th. So if any of you techno freaks are interested in acquiring this revolutionary creation, you had better hurry.