George Washington’s wine cooler rakes in $782,500

A wine cooler, which George Washington presented to Alexander Hamilton as a gift, raked in as much as $782,500 which is far more than its original expected price of $400,000 – $600,000. The Sheffield-plated silver wine cooler was designed according to George Washington himself’s specifics and has been in possession of Hamilton’s descendants until this week when it went under the auction hammer at Christie’s in New York. Out of the three bidders, Gary Hendershott came out victorious and brought this piece of relic home. The cooler here consists of an oval bowl that can hold four wine bottles and ice. The only embellishment on this cooler is the lion head on the top and a ring on either side.

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The cooler also bears an inscription added by Hamilton’s ancestors. There was a letter written by Washington when he gifted Hamilton the cooler upon leaving office.
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