WAVE Ultrasonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator concept for the wine connoisseur

Given the compact homes of today and the serious space issues faced by many homeowners, it is simply impossible for occupants of such homes to indulge in any extravagance like a wine rack. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your love for the drink. Paving the way for space-saving wine rack solutions is designer Mika Yamamoto, who has developed the simple, unique concept of the WAVE Ultrasonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator. Besides taking up very little space, this concept WAVE Ultrasonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator ages your wine courtesy of its unique feature of emitting ultrasonic waves. Yes, the inner walls of the two-layered shelves of this refrigerator emit ultrasonic waves that act on the wine molecules to age them. The high-tech concept refrigerator is equipped with a touch screen door that displays information about the wine inside and offers the setting options to help you determine the aging speed.

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The colored circles on the touch screen tell you how ready the wine is. What is more, the unique magnetic cooling system of the appliance helps cut energy consumption by 40%. A great creation, I am sure many wine connoisseurs would love to see this concept materialize soon.

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