A 30 pound piece of the moon is on sale and it can be yours for $2.5 million

Christies Moon rock auction

The next time someone who loves you makes grand declarations of bringing you the stars and moons, only to call it impractical or a hyperbole later, make them read this. A piece of the moon is available for sale on Planet Earth. What’s being touted as one of the world’s largest lunar meteorites goes on private sale at Christie’s, valued at 2 million pounds ($2.49 million). Called NWA 12691, it is the fifth largest piece of the Moon on Earth, larger than any returned by the Apollo program. It is being sold via Christie’s Private Sales. Like most lunar meteorites, this one too was part of a large meteorite shower mounting the Western Saharan, Algerian and Mauritanian borders and was found in the Sahara Desert two years ago. The NWA 12691 moon rock weighs over 13.5kg and is roughly the size of the football. Fact is there’s only less than 650 kg of lunar meteorites known to exist making this a rather rare commodity to own on Earth. James Hyslop, Christie’s head of science and natural history, rightly states, “The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget,” Even more so, when the said commodity, has traveled some 240,000 miles to Earth from the moon.

Once they crash into our planet, moon rocks are identified by their specific textural, mineralogical, chemical, and isotopic signatures. The gases captured from the solar wind in moon rocks are with isotope ratios very different from the same gases found on Earth. Christie’s will also offer for private sale a group of 13 aesthetic iron meteorites. That collection is estimated to be worth 1.4 million pounds. So would you want a piece of the moon or some pretty iron meteorites in your humble abode?

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