Dubai being Dubai is building the worlds largest piece of art – Its a 560 feet tall skyscraper that is shaped like a ‘clothespin’

We have seen so many astonishing examples of unusual structures and weird buildings on Earth like the Ren Building in China, Basket Building in the USA, Cybertecture Egg Office Building in India, and Bubble Palace in France. Dubai too may soon join this incredible list if Israeli artist Zygo and team manage to peg the ‘Clothespin tower” in Dubai’s skyline. The Clothespin Company will transform the famous artwork of Zygo into a realistic project that brings together two complementing halves as seen in the everyday Clothespin.

The artist dubs this as the biggest piece of art ever created and hopes to build an iconic tower that will be a symbol of love, peace, and hope that will eventually be a life-long addition to the city’s skyline. This 40-floor tower is divided into two halves, one of which will serve as a luxury hotel for guests visiting a city with 1,200 decorated rooms. The other half will have 300 luxury apartments along with 10,000 square meters of commercial space parading shopping centers, contemporary art galleries, snazzy restaurants, and more. The Clothespin Tower will be seen as the perfect metaphor for the future relationship of Israel – the home of the real estate developer – and the UAE, the tower location.

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The unique project is currently looking for strategic partners for securing land, construction rights and plan to begin construction in 2023. Artist Zygo says,” We want to make people an active part of the project, from being passive viewers of works of art, we give them an option to be a part of the tower — enter it, live in it, spend time inside it and more. We believe this inner experience of the viewer is a powerful one. Imagine being able to step into the tower and live in it, feel it from the inside, and even change it a little with each guest’s personal character. When you look at the Burj Khalifa, there is a sense of power that translates into height. In the Clothespin Tower, the sense of size is replaced by a feeling of intimacy and love, a sense of self.”

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