Cracking under immense public pressure, Cristiano Ronaldo forcibly sold his 9 bedroom luxury apartment at the Trump Tower NYC for a staggering loss of $10 million.

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That Cristiano Ronaldo owned a lavish $18.5 million apartment in Trump Tower is old news. The 37-year-old Juventus star purchased the opulent nine-bed flat at 721 Fifth Avenue back in 2015 before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. After facing tremendous backlash the Portuguese professional footballer slashed the asking price by $10.75M but to no avail.

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Nearly a year later, the Man Utd forward has sold the three-bedroom NYC apartment for a mere $7.75 million. Ronaldo first listed the 2,510-square-foot abode in 2019 for less than half of what he bought it for, at $9 million.

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Via – Warburg Realty

In June 2021, the price for the luxurious pad was slashed further to only $7.75 million. Trump’s growing infamy and constant nudging of fans with requests and even signed petitions (nearly 14,000 supporters signed it) to sell the residence pushed the striker to get rid of the apartment asap. The 3.5-bathroom unit was the inspiration for “50 Shades” novel author E.L. James, who used the interiors as a model for the pad of Christian Grey.

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Even the most scenic views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline couldn’t convince the football legend to continue being called a resident of Trump Tower in New York.

Via – Warburg Realty

As far as the monetary loss is concerned, it’s barely a drop in Ronaldo’s ocean of wealth. He is, after all, Instagram’s highest-paid star who spent $37,000 on drinks in just 15 minutes and flaunted a $2.5 million Rolex.

Via Facebook / @Trump Tower New York
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