Drake was gifted a blindingly blinged-out $77,000 ring to celebrate his son Adonis

Via Instagram / @champagnepapi Via Instagram / @alexmoss

Drake’s association to the finer things in life like rings and watches is as established as his music. Recently added to his already loaded and impressive collection was a custom OVO-themed ring valued at $77,000. The pricey ring was a gift to the ‘Hotline bling’ singer from restaurateur Kai Bent-Lee took Moss. Made by celebrity jeweler Alex Moss New York, this stunning piece of jewelry is a tribute to Drake’s four-year-old son, Adonis. The visually impactful ring stars the face of an owl over the number 11, a nod to Adonis’ Oct. 11 birthday, with its wings wrapping around its back.

It is constructed with 83 grams of 14 karat gold and 15.7 carats of VVS D-F natural diamonds. The glistening ring is a vision that can blind you under the sun, wholly decked in diamonds. This exceptional masterpiece, suited for the man who makes the world spin to his tunes, took two months to complete. Alex Moss posted an image showcasing the details of the captivating ring. He posted, ‘The Lucky Number 11 Ring. Made for @champagnepapi Mixing the highest level of quality, design, and craftsmanship to create this art piece.’ Drake is clearly a doting dad who also celebrated Adonis’s 4th birthday with a black and white candid Instagram image of him with this son.

Via Instagram / @champagnepapi

Drake has become more forthcoming as a father and posts fun pictures with his son more often than before. The pop artist threw a racing-themed birthday party on Adonis’s 4th birthday on Oct. 11, 2021. Last year, the Toronto rapper gifted his entire team $50,000 diamond rings to celebrate Rec Basketball League Championship.

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