As impressive as his fleet of superyachts is, Jeff Bezos’ $149 million fleet of private aircraft. Along with three sleek business jets that can zip the Amazon founder to any part of the globe, he also has a versatile helicopter that his pilot fiancée Lauren uses to fly to their yacht.

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Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos‘s is a man who travels in style. If the high seas are dominated by his $500 million megayacht Koru, the world’s largest sailing yacht, the skies arent far behind. The centibillionaire worth $206 billion owns an impressive fleet of private aircraft worth $149 million. His collection includes three business jets, two Gulfstream G650ERs worth nearly $65 million each, and a $9 million Pilatus PC-24. In addition to owning these long-range business jets, he also owns a helicopter, the Airbus H145, worth $10 million.

His first Gulfstream G650ER, registered as N271DV, was bought in 2015. The jet, outfitted with 22 seats, boasts two Rolls-Royce BR700 turbofan engines. The newer of the two G650ERs, purchased in 2019, is also fitted with 22 seats and has 34 recorded flights in the first half of 2024.

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The Pilatus PC-24

The Swiss made 2020 Pilatus PC-24 is a rather compact 10-seater jet worth $9 million, almost equal to the annual maintenance of his 247-feet support vessel Abeona, worth $75 million. The Abeona yacht is a shadow vessel for the magnificent mothership and the address of the $10 million Airbus helicopter as the mighty Koru does not have a helipad. The amenity was instead provided on the support vessel to save space aboard the 416-footer and not pack it with tenders and toys.

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The helicopter, which seats five passengers and two crew, is always around for Bezos’s lady love and fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, who takes the beauty for a spin every chance she gets. Sanchez was spotted this time last year doing what she does best as she landed the helicopter on her soon-to-be husband’s support vessel, Abeona, after making multiple attempts to land.

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The Gulfstream G650ER is an impressive aircraft with a remarkable range of 7,365 miles. It is the perfect machine to take the American philanthropist from Miami to Turkey without any stops. The Damen yachting vessel Abeona is currently moored in Gocek, Turkey, possibly awaiting the arrival of its affluent owner and Sanchez to kickstart their summer sojourns. The G650ER must be invaluable for the world’s second-richest man to shuttle between his luxurious properties in Seattle, Miami, and Hawaii.

Lauren Sanchez is a trained helicopter pilot. Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

The billionaire knows it all about owning and maintaining expensive assets. For his fleet of aircraft, the tech magnate bought a $5.5 million hangar at Boeing Field in Seattle, according to Business Insider. An ample 18,600 square feet of space to comfortably park his jets..

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