Classy as ever – Keanu Reaves gifted personalized Rolex watches to the entire stunt team of John Wick 4.

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Keanu Reeves is a super-human not because of any superpowers of invisibility, teleporting, or flying but because he is packed with even more solid virtues of being kind, friendly, and loving. His uncredited casual acts of kindness include secretly donating large sums of money to children’s hospitals, helping in Cancer research, and making people around him feel incredibly lucky to have met him, and, more so, even working with him. The 57-year-old action movie star has kept up his philanthropist image this time by presenting the members of his John Wick: Chapter 4 movie stunt team with brand-new, personalized Rolex Submariners.

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The movie stunt crew affectionately known as the ‘John Wick 5’ got a taste of his kindness, quite an everlasting taste at that at a Paris restaurant following the wrapping up of the film in Berlin. Plus, he engraved them with a personal message of thanks expressing his gratitude. A great guy like him deserves a treat, too, which is why Reeves even bought one sought-after Rolex Submariner for himself.

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Via Instagram / @watchmania

The Internet never lets a chance of singing Reeves praises go by; he is the prolific Samaritan after all. The Instagram handle of watch aficionados Watchmania, saw fans commenting, ‘Best actor and the best movie, what a gentleman too.’ Considering the endless wait to get our hands on the Rolex Submariners, someone jokingly asked, ‘Did he order them before the first John Wick came out?’

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Via Facebook / @John Wick

Sending an uber-exclusive and pricey timepiece is not new. Back in 2019, Jay Z sent out pricey Rolex watches worth a whopping $40k as part of the invite for the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala. And who can forget the generous gesture of the big-hearted Kardhasians, who surprised their loyal crew by gifting 30 Rolex watches worth $300k after filming the final episode of KUWTK?

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