Limited to just 100 members, Michael Jordan has opened an ultra exclusive golf club that will drones serving refreshments and drinks

The world has stayed fixated with Michael Jordan this year; whether it is his game-worn Chicago Bulls jersey from 1998 sells for nearly a quarter-million dollars at auction or the cars he once drove like the 996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser, it all swiftly goes under the hammer in a way even before the hammer is lifted to say the word-sold! It’s time we continued this obsession but not without redirecting it from Air Jordan’s to Air drones! Michael Jordan has opened the Grove XXIII, his state-of-the-art private golf course. Who knew a basketball legend could love another sport so much; anyone who makes it to the course will be witnessing the love, no doubt! this private 18-hole golf course will be marrying the best in concierge technology. Guests will be on the receiving end of some ‘aerial refreshment’; meaning food and drink orders are delivered at this new ultra-chic golf club via drones throughout the day, along with alcoholic drinks to members on-premise. It’s no secret golf is a rich man’s game but the levels of luxury and assistance provided here are truly superlative. What with caddies getting their own scooters to race ahead and help set up shots, to a cigar roller in the clubhouse the treatment is sure as luxe as it gets.

The Grove XXIII is a super-exclusive club, with just under 100 members getting access to play 18 holes. The ones who play exceedingly well and eagle on the sixth hole gets a ring commemorating Jordan’s six championships. This state-of-the-art private golf course also comes with a 15,000 square foot clubhouse that houses locker rooms, numerous lounge areas, and a golf pro shop.

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