Mark Zuckerberg took Father’s Day to a whole new level, whisking his parents and siblings away on his $300 million superyacht for a luxurious Mediterranean cruise. The 48 onboard crew pampered the close-knit family while the kids enjoyed the inflatable toys and tenders.

Image - Diaro Mallorca / Instagram - Zuck

American tycoon Mark Zuckerberg has finally made an appearance on his $300 million megayacht, Launchpad, with his entire clan in attendance. It seems he is following in the footsteps of Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos once again by turning Launchpad into his permanent party address, just like the centibillionaire did with his $500 million luxury vessel, Koru. Zuckerberg also turned off AIS like Bezos to ward off attention.

Via Instagram / @zuck

Now, the Meta boss, who celebrated his milestone 40th birthday aboard the Feadship beauty, was back again, this time with pictures as proof, to celebrate his father, Edward Zuckerberg, on the 387-footer. The occasion of Father’s Day coincided with his dentist dad’s 70th birthday, which is why the MMA enthusiast got his whole family, including his mother Karen, three sisters, and their partners and kids, aboard to make the most of the day. The close-knit family adorably sported matching t-shirts that read “Ed’s kids” – while the father’s shirt read: “I’m Ed.”

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Image – Diaro Mallorca

It was a nostalgic recreation of a 35-year-old family moment involving the 40-year-old American billionaire’s grandfather Sid, who had celebrated Father’s Day in a similar fashion with his family. A luxury vessel worth $300 million and a $30 million support vessel, Wingman, were prominently missing then. However, this time the pleasure crafts were a big part of the celebration, and for the first time in three months, Zuckerberg, who never admitted or denied buying the yacht and support vessel, posted a series of images on his boat.

Via Instagram / @zuckerbergjet

The dad of three landed at Son Sant Joan airport in his private jet on Friday night, as seen on the jet-tracking account Zuckerbergjet. The centibillionaire worth $176 billion was accompanied by his wife, Priscilla Chan, and his daughters, Maxima, August, and Aurelia. The family of five was joined by another 15 members who made the most of Launchpad yacht’s luxe amenities, including 12 guest cabins, a swimming pool, a glass observation lounge, a spacious beach club, an alfresco dining area, and several bars.

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Image – Diaro Mallorca

Mark’s crew deployed several inflatable toys and tenders deployed in the azure blue waters of Mallorca for the Zuckerbergs to have fun. A close-up of the yacht revealed vibrant party decorations on the top deck featuring bright silver balloons and stars, hinting that this is where the party took place with the most amazing vistas.

Via Instagram / @zuck

The 20 guests aboard the Launchpad motor yacht were looked after by a crew of 48 who were excitedly awaiting the arrival of the businessman and his big family.

Following the Launchpad was its support vessel Wingman. Via Youtube / @YACHTA
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