Melania is auctioning the ‘iconic’ white hat she wore to host Donald Trump’s first state visit. Bids start at a whopping $250,000 and the winner also gets a digital NFT portrait of the ex-first lady.

An old hat, an original watercolor, and an NFT digital artwork are part of Melania Trump’s ‘Head of State’ auction. The 51-year-old former first lady is becoming quite the tech-savvy saleswoman as only weeks ago she put a watercolor painting of her eyes and an audio message as an NFT for $185. The Head of State auction will feature Melania’s iconic wide-brimmed white hat to welcome French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte to the White House in April 2018. In addition to getting hands on one of her most talked-about fashion accessories, there is also a watercolor painting by Coulon of Melania sporting the bold accessory, as well as a moving digital NFT version of the artwork for a minimum $250,000 bid.

For a true blue Melania fan, have your cake and eat it all too, situation. This is French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon’s second watercolor painting of Melania Trump after immortalizing her piercing cobalt eyes in ‘Melania’s Vision.’ The second NFT will also share proceed with an initiative that is a part of the former first lady’s Be Best program, but it’s not clear how much will be donated. Back in 2018, Melania Trump had the eyes of the world fixed on her as she made an appearance after scandalous headlines about the former President’s alleged extramarital affairs. The crisp white Micheal Kors suit made her look like a vision, and the stunning white hat in question helped her make a powerful style statement and avoid eye contact.

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The hat was designed by Hervé Pierre with inputs from Melania and was designed to match the Michael Kors dress she wore on the trip.

Call it a win-win for Melania, who has her stylist, Hervé Pierre, to thank for creating this fabulous hat that’s now the centerpiece of the auction. The three items will have an opening bid of $250,000, and bidding will only be accepted via SOL, a form of cryptocurrency. Melania Trump took to Twitter to announce the auction, ‘The important collection features three one-of-a-kind signed items, including the iconic white hat worn during the French Republic’s State Visit. A portion of the proceeds will support children from the foster care community.

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Melania is also selling a NFT of herself wearing the hat.
The sale comes weeks after Melania auctioned her first NFT artwork.

[Bid at Melania Trump – Via: CNN]

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