Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal sent his $500 million private Boeing 747 jet to fly Neymar from Paris to Riyadh. Complete with a golden throne-like armchair, a full-sized dining table, two bedrooms, and a grand piano, the football star had a gala time on the 6-hour flight.

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Sports superstar Neymar, who moved from Paris Saint-Germain to join Saudi Pro League side Al-Hilal, is already getting generous dozes of their unmatched hospitality. Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal sent the soccer star his personal Boeing 747 to journey from Europe to the Middle East. Only last week, we threw light on his $175 million salary, which included insane perks like a palatial mansion, a private jet that we believe will soon follow, and some $635,000 per Instagram post to promote Saudi Arabia.

Interiors of the lavish jet. Image – Imgur

But till the sports sensation gets his own jet there is the impeccable Saudi Arabian hospitality taking utmost care of him. The 31-year-old was evidently delighted in a video shared on X as he posed outside the private jet, “Let’s go to Riyadh,” he says in the video. The Brazilian was welcomed with full pomp at King Fahd International Stadium. It was an extravaganza featuring motley of music, lights, and fireworks. The welcome was made even more special with a drone display that spelled out “Neymar is blue” over the stadium.

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Prince Al Waleed Al Saud is an extremely successful businessman and investor.

Prince Al Waleed bin Talal’s $500 million Boeing 747 is the most luxurious Boeing 747 in the world-
The Saudi Prime Minister’s cousin, Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, who travels with a 26-member posse, owns one of the most luxurious private jets worldwide. The aircraft includes a spacious salon, master suites with king-sized beds, private bathrooms, and showers. The area below the cockpit was turned into an ambient living room with two sofas and lamps for a cozy milieu. The formal dining area features a massive table that can be used for business meetings.

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The armchairs are designed accordingly, upholstered in leather and reclinable. The upper deck features a well-stocked bar to socialize and a gold-hued e ‘king chair’ for the owner of the floating palace. The Boeing 747 has a dedicated prayer area with an electronic system that always points toward Mecca.

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